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KOSIX offers three ways of connecting to the neutral net:

        -Switched 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet. RJ-45 connector.
        -Switched 1 Gbit/s Ethernet. LX type optics is included in the port fee
        -Switched 10 Gbit/s Ethernet. LX type optics is included in the port fee

If other types of optics are desired, do contact KOSIX technical staff for ordering information.
Room The equipment is situated in a room within Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Prishtina) with controlled physical environment, burglar alarms and monitoring of all accesses. Furthermore, the sites offer the operators 7 times 24 access in order to service their equipment. The operators can establish fiber-patching in the room (with respect for the current installations). All fiber-patching between room/racks are monitored by KOSIX staff according to their standard rules. In doubt contact the KOSIX technical staff.

Mailing lists

There is one mailing list for the KOSIX members. The list is closed only for the connected ISP's. Requests for subscription can be mailed to

The staff at KOSIX are experienced in Internet technology, and their services can be requested on normal terms.

Prices 2012

The price for connecting to the KOSIX is divided into a Membership Fee and one or more Port Fees.

The KOSIX Membership Fee covers your access to the KOSIX at all point of presence. The price of the KOSIX Membership Fee is 500 € per year and this amount is irrevocable.

The KOSIX Port Fee covers your actual connection to the KOSIX and is depending on your connection speed and the numbers of your connections:

       -each 100 Mbit/s Ethernet 100€ per month
       -each 1 Gbit/s Ethernet 200€ per month
       -each 10 Gbit/s Ethernet 500€  per month.

No other services are included. Each member of KOSIX should cover all the costs for the physical communication channel and the equipment needed for implementation of the relevant connection.  

If you need hosting service of any kind, this will be on a separate agreement.

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